More than 40% of St. Cloud residents are Hispanic.

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Get to know the city and its special initiatives. Let’s celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and support the Hispanic community. More than 40% of St. Cloud residents are Hispanic.

In a few weeks, the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations will come to an end, but we all know that a month is not enough time to recognize all the contributions the Hispanic community has made to this country.

We still have much to celebrate, which is why the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando has created the largest Hispanic Art and Business Expo you’ve ever seen. It’s a celebration where the entire Florida community can come together to learn, have fun, and generate business opportunities between professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

 The event will take place in the beautiful city of St. Cloud, and there is no one better to tell us more about the location of our October 30th “Hola @ The Park” than Antranette Forbes, Director of Economic Development and Special Projects for the City of St. Cloud.

  • How many Hispanics live in St. Cloud? Based on the 2020 census data, 41.3% of the STC population (58,964) identifies as Hispanic or Latino…24,352 persons
  • How many Hispanic-owned businesses are in St. Cloud?  We do not collect that data.
  • How do you see Hispanics contributing to St Cloud?  (culture, social and economics)  Central Florida is growing and St. Cloud is a great place to experience warmth, ecological beauty and new commerce opportunities. We love to welcome new experiences, talents, cuisines and businesses that have transformed St. Cloud into a more diversified community where everyone can understand why St. Cloud is your center place for life.
  • In observance of  Hispanic Heritage Month, what message would you send to Hispanics who wish to establish themselves in the city of St. Cloud? St. Cloud, Florida is the new business destination location. The perfect mix of Old Florida and new commerce, makes St. Cloud a great place for families and business. We are rapidly growing and there are opportunities for anyone beginning their journey as a small business owner or an established CEO to make St. Cloud their new place for growth!
  • What details and features make the city of St. Cloud stand out? Whether St. Cloud is your hometown, where life led you, or a home for your business, one thing is certain—it’s at the center of it all. With theme parks, major metropolitan areas and rapidly expanding cities surrounding its borders, St. Cloud is the heart of Central Florida, and it’s that heart that makes it like no other place. Festivals and events fill the picturesque lakefront and historic downtown streets, inspiring a tradition of close-knit connections and community. 

With several upcoming projects under development, such as the seaplane base, the Florida Avenue Multi-use Trail that will connect our lakefront to our bustling entertainment district, and the upgrades to our downtown streets, St. Cloud is growing and prospering. We are committed to our burgeoning community, and we work together to make it happen. That sense of togetherness can be found in every corner of our city, remaining true to the authentic nature and spirit of life in St. Cloud in the midst of growth and new opportunities. For businesses looking to put down roots, St. Cloud means a prime location with the resources and amenities needed to drive growth. Here, established businesses share walls with up-and-comers and value community over competition—it’s just our nature. For a young family, it means a safe neighborhood and a big backyard for growing kids. A short drive from everything yet tucked away from the bustle of city life, it’s where your heart can call home.

  • In a few weeks, HCCMO will be hosting a major event “HOLA @ the Park (Live Art, Latin Food and Hispanic Business Expo)” Why do you think St. Cloud is the best place to host this event? We are the hidden gem of Osceola County. St. Cloud is a vibrant and progressive community that embraces its unique history. We are  gaining traction as a destination location for family-friendly entertainment. New construction projects are happening all over the city and the addition of new businesses are drawing more visitors than ever before. The Hispanic population is well-represented and a valuable asset; in fact, our strategic plan specifically states our intention to create economic prosperity by diversifying industries, investing in workforce development, and promoting destination locations. This event will bring new visitors and businesses to our great city. Hola!@ The Park is the premier economic development event to highlight our Hispanic businesses in St. Cloud.