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Gaby Ortigoni President / CEO


A blend of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Floridian, Gaby Ortigoni has been serving the Central Florida Hispanic community for 20 years. As the President of HCCMO, her duty is to ensure that the Chamber fulfills its responsibilities to its members.Throughout her professional career, Ortigoni has been strongly committed to business development, strategic relationship building, economic development, international business, government affairs, and comprehensive community development.

Ortigoni has received numerous awards, including the Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award & Women Who Mean Business, Hispanic Women Who Make the Difference Award from La Prensa, Orange County Sheriff’s Office Community Service Award, and the Orlando Police Department’s Good Citizenship Award, among others. Gaby has demonstrated strong leadership skills and community involvement.

Pedro Turushina Vice President of Investor Relations & Marketing


Pedro Turushina is the Director of Marketing & Business Development for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) responsible for the strategic direction of all aspects of the Chamber’s marketing and communications activities related to memberships and sponsorships as well as trustee recruitment, engagement, and retention. Mr. Turushina develops proactive programs to increase membership engagement, while also spearheading strategic community and governmental efforts to cultivate and build partnerships with key stakeholders. In his role, he drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and positions the HCCMO as a catalyst for transforming lives through business ownership, and strengthening the Hispanic community in Central Florida and surrounding areas.

A native of Colombia, Pedro has lived in Orlando since he was 13 years old. He attended the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. As a dedicated community leader, Pedro organizes and manages multiple groups forming a collaborative business mindset to create a bridge of connectivity between consumers and local enterprises with the goal of yielding economic growth.

Prior to working at HCCMO, Pedro was the founder and Creative Director at a reputable and prominent marketing agency based in Central Florida. As an entrepreneur, Pedro focused on finding opportunities to participate in programs that deliver access to tangible business opportunities, connect with procurement decision-makers, and offer practical support to the Central Florida entrepreneurial community. As part of his previous efforts in strengthening the business community, he joined HCCMO and Prospera in various signature events as a key marketing resource to strategize from the conceptual stage to the creation and execution of their programs. Pedro is committed to assisting the HCCMO with cultivating strategic partnerships, implementing innovative outreach strategies, and developing robust targeted communications, all anchored in the high value he places in exercising authenticity.

Yetzenia Negron Director of Programs & Events


Yetzenia Negron is the Director of Programs and Events at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO), Inc. In her current role, Ms. Negron drives innovation, establishes and strengthens community relationships with lead entities, and positions the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as the agent to fortify the Hispanic business community in Central Florida. Ms. Negron oversees the development and management of programs, and signature events. Ms. Negron is also the President of the Hispanic Heritage Committee of Greater Orange County, Inc., and the founder of the Hispanic Youth Leadership Awards.

Prior to working at HCCMO, Ms. Negron was the federal grant administrator at Orange County’s Housing and Community Development Division, administering over 200 federal contracts and nearly $20M in funding. She’s well known in Central Florida for her community organizing efforts in developing policies and initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of those experiencing abuse, homelessness, and various chronic health conditions. Ms. Negron’s interest in community engagement and advocacy, public speaking, and research has enabled her to work with key stakeholders at a local, state, and national levels to help influence social change.

Ms. Negron has over 10 years of experience as a certified Domestic Violence Advocate, spearheading all the violence prevention and community engagement strategies for Orange County’s only Certified Domestic Violence Shelter. Due to her extensive experience in violence prevention, Ms. Negron has mentored over 500 at-risk youth within the Central Florida region.

Ms. Negron obtained a Bachelors in Sociology in 2016 and is currently a graduate student at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration. Ms. Negron has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the 2014 Community Go Getter Award, 2015 Making a Difference Award, 2016 UCF Honorable Mention Award, 2019 Orange County Government WOW Award, 2020 Hispanic Service Award, and 2021 Hispanic Leadership Award. During her leisure time, Ms. Negron loves traveling the world, dancing salsa, and spending time with her loved ones.

Alejandra Escobar Membership & Investor Development Manager

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 313


Alejandra Escobar is originally from Colombia and relocated to Orlando in 2002. She is a professional in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Management, a Holistic Coach in Emotional Intelligence, and a Meditation Instructor.

She is the founder of Empodera Tu Camino, a brand she created to reach women in leadership positions of the Hispanic community. She has had the opportunity to work and lead teams of different cultures, nationalities, and age groups for the past 13 years. She identifies the individual strengths and uses the best available resources to place them in positions where their skills can best benefit the company and increase its economic growth.

Alejandra combines her knowledge in the professional, personal, and emotional fields so that her community can recognize the magnificent power within and can reach its full potential. She is an expert in storytelling and an advocate believer in bonding, connecting, and creating long-lasting personal and business relationships.

Nelia Castro Programs & Events Manager

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 303


Nelia is a personable and dedicated customer service professional with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. She is an enthusiastic and results-oriented woman with demonstrated passion building relationship, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses.

She was born in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Orlando 20 years ago. She graduated from UCF/ Rosen College of Hospitality Management with a B.S in Event Management. She did an exchange program in Hospitality Management & Tourism at MODUL University of Vienna, Austria, which changed her life and opened her eagerness to explore the world and its different cultures.

She is passionate about diversity, and she is certified in Diversity and Inclusion awarded by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Central Florida.

Nelia loves to travel and has visited 21 different countries, and countless cities & towns. She also enjoys hiking, cooking, & spending time with her family & friends.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Gricel Valera Finance & Office Manager

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 302


Gricel Valera is the Finance & Office Manager for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO). Responsible for financial statements to conform generally accepted accounting principle; assets are safeguarded; guidelines of grantors and donors are complied with; and finances are managed with accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. She comes with extensive experience in client relations, all aspects of business management and Human resources. She managed multiple teams to achieve positive results in metrics, budgets, financial forecasting, planning, and modelling tools within the channels. 

She was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New York at a young age. Proud daughter of a single mom who showed her the importance of being a hard worker to achieve her goals. She is a mother of 3 who enjoys family time, cooking and everything Disney. Her favorite quote is “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen”. 


Jessie Bojanovich Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 314


Jessie Bojanovich is the Marketing Coordinator for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO). She oversees all promotions, campaigns, and events for our members and Trustees, as well as communications through HCCMO’s various platforms, newsletters, and social media. In addition, Jessie serves as the liaison for the marketing team and develops strategies to preserve the organization’s corporate identity.

She was born in Paraguay, a small country in South America with a population of only 7 million. She has a degree in Marketing Throughout her career, she has consolidated her knowledge of marketing and advertising.

Jessie is also a part-time yoga and group fitness instructor. She loves to encourage others about what fills her with joy and happiness. In addition, she is a nature lover and is passionate about the outdoors.

She is committed to the pillars of HCCMO, as she believes that everyone has a purpose that remains or evolves throughout life.

Andrea Bracho Operations & Events Coordinator

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 311



Andrea Bracho is the Event Coordinator for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO). She is in charge of planning and executing our events, contacting vendors, organizing deadlines, and managing guest lists. Andrea is also responsible for the budgets for each event. In addition, she is responsible for coordinating the event venues, managing the invoices, collecting payments, and solving any possible problems that may arise before, during, and after each event.

She is Venezuelan and has lived in Orlando since 2019.

Andrea loves the beach and the outdoors. She also likes to travel and meet new places and people. During her free time, she enjoys Crossfit and creates abstract paintings. Currently, Andrea is embarking on the journey of developing her brand of handmade handbags and accessories made in Colombia, with which she will help small entrepreneurs who seek to grow and promote their crafts.

She identifies with HCCMO because she knows how important it is to encourage people to move forward despite adversity while motivating them to grow professionally and personally. Andrea says that a small act can make us better and help us grow. All dreams are possible if you set your goals and work for them.

Mariana Betancur Memberships Intern Specialist

Phone: 407-428-5870 Ext. 304



Mariana Betancur Rodriguez works as a Membership Specialist Intern for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO). She assists members with the membership process. She is also responsible for ensuring that our members receive all the necessary information to maximize their benefits.

Some of her job functions include helping organize events, workshops, and other programs, ensuring connectivity and networking potential with HCCMO partners. She also assists HCCMO’s Investor Relations Manager with integrating new members.

Mariana is an International Business Professional. She is currently completing her 5th semester in Marketing and Advertising.

She is a committed person who can lead and solve problems efficiently. Her proactive and collaborative skills are her best asset at HCCMO. She is not afraid of challenges, and her greatest desire is to continue preparing herself professionally.

She loves traveling, going out with friends, hiking, listening to good music, contributing new ideas, and being a support for whoever needs it.

Brenda Gunn Office Assistant of the President/CEO

Phone: 407-428-5870


Brenda was born in California to parents from Puerto Rico and El Salvador. She has over 15 years of executive-administrative experience in various industries such as healthcare, wealth management, hospitality, and non-profit. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida. Her best qualities are that she is a steadfast, organized, self-starter who loves to continuously learn new things. She is a small business owner and a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. She enjoys doing yoga and spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter.