HCCMO conducts its year-end analysis.

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The end of the year is quickly approaching, and like all businesses, we decided to sit down and conduct a year-end analysis that we could share with you.

A year-end analysis serves as a preliminary step to setting next year’s goals. In other words, it helps evaluate which goals have been met, those that were not, and the reasons why.

During this very special year, we evaluated the most important asset we have as a company. We wanted to listen to each staff member and put into perspective what we have learned, along with what we can improve upon as a team in 2022.

Our year-end analysis was as follows:

Sara Galvis – Membership and Marketing Coordinator: Working for the Hispanic Chamber, has been truly an honor. Within such a short time, we have developed a family atmosphere where each one of us supports and encourages one another. I am forever grateful to be part of such an amazing team working alongside creative individuals where I can too continue to grow as a person.

Tania Davila – Senior Manager of Events and Special Projects: Working at the chamber has been a unique experience these past six months to learn and hear inspirational stories from many successful leaders. The HCCMO team is a great support system in the office. We lean on each other and count on each other as a whole. As an entrepreneur myself, I feel empowered and continue to educate myself to serve better and create a unique event experience for our members and our team.

Gricel Valera – Finance and Office Coordinator: My experience so far working for the Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce of Metro Orlando has been astounding. I work with a great team, they are like family to me. It’s a team that challenges me and motivates me to give my best. My leaders are inspiring, hard-working, and are great coaches. They truly inspire me to grow and think outside of the box. Our driving force is the community and the members of our chamber. We are all there to serve our Hispanic business community grows. I am proud to be part of the Hispanic chamber; to be able to work with such an amazing family and to work for an organization that is really there for businesses in our community.

Nelia Castro – Member Recruitment Coordinator: I like working at HCCMO because of our mission. Here I have found a family, apart from my own, that makes me very happy and motivates me to continue helping the community and helping each other as a great team. Here each one inspires me, and I feel that together we are achieving many beautiful things for all our members. The best thing is that the whole community is noticing these changes.

Alejandra Escobar – Membership and Investor Development Manager: It is an honor and a great privilege for me to be part of the Metro Orlando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce team. Being inside this organization has allowed me to see the great impact that Hispanics make every day in Orlando and the great commitment we have in our hearts to serve the community. We are one voice representing diversity, development, strength, and resilience. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to help so many companies, leaders, and the community in such incredible ways!

Pedro Turushina – Director of Marketing and Business Development: It is a pleasure to work at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce because I work with a great team that makes a difference every day. Each HCCMO team member brings great value to their work and leaves a unique mark on my professional and personal life. For many years, I have thought about creating something unique and different for the community, and I believe that we are achieving it. I am fortunate to work with people who do their part to generate the transformation we are looking for.

Gaby Ortigoni -President and CEO: What drives me year after year is to help in the professional development and leadership of minorities. Gaby’s message to all entrepreneurs who want to start in the business world is to be well-informed and trained before leaping into the entrepreneurship journey.

We invite you as a company, as a professional, and as a person to analyze this past year. Learn from your experiences, and set new goals for yourself. The great HCCMO family has its doors open to support you in all your endeavors.

Wishing  you a Merry Christmas and a very successful 2022.