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Hispanic leading voice advocating in all legislative and governmental processes while highlighting key statutes & policies that directly impact the Hispanic business community. The opportunity to get close and personal with current elected officials and learn about the issues affecting our local business community.

In the interest of promoting engagement, collaboration and participation in the political process of our Central Florida community, and cementing political participation as part of our culture, we, at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, are very excited to introduce yet another valuable benefit to our membership.

Every other month, HCCMO invites you to get up close and personal with current elected officials and have the opportunity to learn about the issues affecting our local community and beyond. From U.S. senators to local politicians, we have enjoyed a parade of great leaders from our community that have been willing to meet with our members and listen to their questions.

In 2014 the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando created the Government Affairs Committee (GAC), to elevate its involvement in the local political conversation. The mission of the Government Affairs Committee is to monitor, educate, and from time to time, advocate for business-centric issues that affect the business climate in Central Florida. The GAC is committed to non-partisanship, so while the committee will, from time to time, endorse business-centric issues, it will not endorse candidates.

Committee Members