Not All Business Skills Are Taught in College

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Obtaining a Bachelor’s or a Masters’s degree is usually a prerequisite for landing the best-paid jobs in the market. However, when it comes to entrepreneurship, it can be a completely different story.

A study done by World University Rankings, which includes 250 universities in more than 43 countries from the U.S. to Japan, showed that some of the most valuable skills that entrepreneurs need to acquire to start their business were not taught in college

While it is important to have the proper training to become an expert in the field you plan to work in, if you are thinking about forming your own business, you must have the ability to recognize the elements that could mean the difference between success and failure.

The truth is, there is no direct correlation between the success of a business and having a college degree. On the contrary, success is built by a combination of many elements, some of which are not taught in the classroom.

Today, we want to help you with three simple tips that you probably didn’t learn in college but can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

  1. A successful business isn’t built overnight.

You probably know the stories of Uber, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and you probably felt inspired by their growth and development. However, when the media brings to light the stories of these companies, all the hard work has already happened behind the scenes, and the only thing we see are the final results. So, of course, we expect the same from our business. The truth is, many companies like LinkedIn or Amazon took many years to become profitable.

The average rate to reach certain levels of business success can exceed 10, sometimes even 20 years. If you want to have a business that has meaning, is long-lasting, and helps solve problems, be prepared for a long journey. Patience and persistence are great virtues of entrepreneurs.

  1. Be prepared for change and let go of what you have learned.

The evolution of markets grow and change gradually over the years. The world has evolved much more in the last two decades than during the previous 100 years, thanks to technological advances.

Strategies that work today may be obsolete tomorrow. That is where the entrepreneur must take advantage, anticipate changes and adapt quickly.

  1. Find your formula for success

Each person is different. Some reach their goals at the age of 20, while others decide to pursue them in their 30s. The important thing to remember when you embark on an entrepreneurial journey – Don’t waste time!

Don’t wait for opportunities to appear! Go out and look for them, work hard for them; if you don’t know something, don’t let that stop you; learn it or look for a mentor. Break the stigma and jump out of your comfort zone. Dare to discover the formula that best suits you to succeed.

Remember, if you are interested in starting your own business. At HCCMO, we believe in entrepreneurs and are here to support you.