Reasons to boost your online sales.

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After facing a global pandemic, our lives, our traditions, our workplace dynamic, and even our consumer habits have completely changed. One of these changes is reflected in online purchases, which have increased significantly, while in-store purchases have declined rapidly.

E-commerce has hit the ground running, changing how brands and businesses have related to the public. Even though online shopping has been around for many years, in recent months it has experienced a significant boom, turning social media, websites, and blogs into virtual window displays that have replaced traditional storefronts.

This is how e-commerce, as it is known in the digital world, has extended its range of options consumers had in the past, by greatly expanding what they have to offer. If we talk about sellers, the experience is the same. Their products and services can be sold to an audience that is not limited to a specific geographical area.

There is no going back because technology is here to stay, and now is the time to seize that moment. It’s reflected in the latest report from the PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020, which shows data from before and after the start of the pandemic. This survey included information from more than 23,000 urban consumers in 27 countries around the world, and its results are key to many business owners:

50% of the consumers interviewed in the study claimed to have reduced their amount of in-store purchases.

45% said they increased their cell phone usage due to making purchases online, 41% increased their computer usage, and 33% increased tablet usage.

Today, 9 out of 10 people make most of their purchases via online platforms.

That said, you must begin to take specific steps to position your business in the world of online sales (e-commerce).

E-commerce has become the new business partner, as it is one of the most comprehensive strategies adopting this new framework of buying and selling. It offers the opportunity of showcasing products and services from every angle, giving the customer a more intense level of interaction with the product without having to go to a physical location. That said, creativity in both marketing and advertising is crucial.

However, to ensure success, the advertised product or service must be up to par. That said, customer loyalty and brand image must reach their fullest potential.