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The Ambassadors Program is a leadership opportunity for active HCCMO members who are familiar with most aspects of the organization and can represent the Chamber in business development functions and community events.
Program Objectives
  • To strengthen the relationship with companies, organizations, professionals, and the numerous cultural and civic entities in Central Florida
  • To promote programs, events, resources and activities aimed at improving the economic development of Hispanics in the region
  • To support other organizations that recognize individual cultures and promote Hispanic integration allowing for the preservation of Hispanic heritage
  • To promote membership retention
  • To encourage participation and support of current members at HCCMO functions
Qualifying Criteria

Ambassadors are selected on the basis of their interest, dependability, integrity, energy, and communication skills. In order to be effective, ambassadors must acknowledge that the HCCMO is a worthwhile organization dedicated to the economic development of its community. The ambassadors´ job is to provide a communication link between the membership and the chamber.

  • Ambassadors must be active chamber members for no less than 6 months
  • Membership must be in good standing
  • Must have proven record of volunteer leadership initiatives within the community
  • Must have approval and support from their employer and has been notified of the time commitment (meeting during regular business hours and before and after hours. Approximately four to six hours per month).
Ambassador’s Role
  • To promote the chamber and refer potential members
  • To encourage participation of current members to attend chamber functions
  • To greet members at chamber events and connect them with other members
  • To engage in other projects of the chamber as determined by the ambassador’s committee
  • To represent the chamber at community events or functions
  • It is the responsibility of the ambassador to stay informed about our programs and events
  • Logo apparel of the HCCMO
  • Exclusive invitations to community functions or events
  • Recognition at different HCCMO events
  • Active participation in this program is a factor to consider when evaluating strategic leadership opportunities within and outside of the HCCMO

If you are interested in applying to become an Ambassador for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando send an email to