Leap into e-commerce in 3 easy steps

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Whether you lack an online presence, are just starting, or are looking to restructure your sales platform. We have developed a strategy to make your products/services more attractive by reaching your target audience and making it easier for them to buy.

  1. Conduct consumer research: You must understand exactly what your consumer wants. Research, ask questions, conduct surveys to calculate whether your product or service has enough demand. Analyze your competitors and get inspired! You may feel like you can’t beat the competition, but the truth is if you sell a product that offers a real solution and connects with your audience, then it won’t matter who else is offering it because yours will also be in high demand. On the other hand, you need to be conscientious of how the market moves, especially how your industry shifts on the internet. It is important to follow your competitor or a leading supplier in your industry.
  2. Choose the best platform to reach your audience: The choice of one online sales platform versus another will depend on the type of consumer you want to reach and the type of products you sell. There are many options out there, but the most common ones on the market may be:
    1. Massive online stores: Large online stores like Amazon or eBay tend to attract most buyers first. Selling your products on these sites allows you to have a presence within the immediate market. However, using these platforms does not offer much flexibility, and the competition can be overwhelming.
    2. Website: This is the most recommended and widely used option. There is a cost to set up the page and domain, but you develop a more personal relationship with the buyer.
    3. Landing Page: This is a less ambitious project than a website but offers similar results. To optimize results, many recommend that you use it in conjunction with paid advertising on platforms like Google or Facebook.
    4. Social Media: The results can be slow since you must have a large number of followers to offer your products or services to.
  1. Make sure you stand out from the competition: Whichever platform you choose, you are going to surrounded by a multitude of products and services, which will be similar or the same as yours, so you must distinguish yourself from the rest, such as offering options like free shipping, amazing deals or include some extra freebies with the purchase of your products.
Online sales are here to stay, and it’s the perfect opportunity for exposure. As with any process, it requires a lot of hard work, takes time to learn and develop, and in most cases, experts in this area can help alleviate the pressure of some of these tasks.